We Love A Good Story.

We are a team of people who love working together to understand and explain some of the most complex issues of our time.

"Our team in Sri Lanka", by Eric Andriantsialonina | Watercolor and pencil on paper | 2024

About Us

Our mission is to pursue the truth about social and environmental challenges in forgotten corners of the globe, to collaboratively understand them alongside those living them, and to explain them to the world in innovative narratives in which the protagonists feel dignified and comfortable. We envision a world where their voices influence policy and shape public dialogue on the global stage.

We are constantly exploring how to best tell a story.

DAWNING is an organization devoted to multimedia storytelling projects rooted in rigorous social science research and specialized in difficult-to-access communities across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We care as much about the rigor of our findings as we do about how we communicate. Our work is crafted to be insightful for specialists but accessible to all who can read and see. It is designed to be discussed in public forums, whether in the press, presentations or exhibits.

What we do is collaborative art.

At DAWNING, we all sit at the same table: subject-matter specialists, photographers, artists, social scientists, designers, fixers, drivers, all work hand-in-hand in the pursuit of a common goal. We learn from each other. We push each other. We respect each other. We are founded on the principle that multidisciplinary teams of diverse people can work together to create compelling social science that speaks to the world. We don’t have a secret sauce, but we have a real team.

Our most important values are humility and integrity.

We put everything we have into every project we do. We are accountable to the people who inhabit our narratives, to our clients and partners, and to each other within our team. We never forget that our work relies on the generosity of strangers: Hundreds of people from every walk of life, in every corner of the world, who open up to us. Above anything else, we’re a grateful bunch, and we don’t take anything for granted.

Our Core Team

DAWNING is a team devoted to its craft. Our core team is our most important asset. For each project, we invite different professionals to join our core team. Since 2014, we have collaborated with more than 150 professionals from over 25 countries.

Raul Roman

Founder | Executive Director

"I love what we do. And that’s important because we’re often on the brink of failure, and believing in what you do is what allows you to push through." -Raul Roman

Rafe H Andrews

Lead Creative Producer

"Our goal is to engage viscerally with the issues of our time." -Rafe H Andrews

Nick Parisse

Director of Photography

"When I'm exploring and investigating with DAWNING is when I feel the most alive." -Nick Parisse

Camille Sachs

Lead Research Specialist

"I love how our team doesn't stop in its pursuit of the truth." -Camille Sachs

Joey Rosa

Creative Director

"Our work is to capture untold stories and present them to the world in an authentic way." -Joey Rosa

Eric Andriantsialonina

Graphic Storytelling Director

"Working with DAWNING is like deep diving." -Eric Andriantsialonina

Mochamad Triawan

Senior Research Fellow

"As truth seekers, our future relies on humility and imagination." -Mochamad Triawan

Francisco Vellarino

Applied and Fine Arts Lead

"We aim to connect social science with other branches of science and the visual arts." -Francisco Vellarino

Our Board of Advisors

DAWNING’s network is made up of extraordinary professionals and thought leaders across various industries and all parts of the world.

Paco Panchon


Tori Hill

Board Member

Edinah Samuels

Board Member

Doyle Galvin

Board Member

Brian Wilhemi

Board Member

Team portraits handcrafted by artist Francisco Vellarino | Pencil and watercolor on paper