We Love A Good Story.

We go everywhere and talk to everyone.
We are devoted to the craft of high-impact research and storytelling.

About Us

Our work requires great professional and personal dedication. Our most important responsibility is to the people who inhabit our narratives. They help define what we do, how we do it, and who we are becoming.

We help people and organizations grow through high-impact storytelling.

We empower corporate and non-profit teams with the tools to tell stories that matter. We nurture resilience, creativity, and purpose. Our award-winning leadership development program enhances critical skills in practice, in real scenarios, through the pursuit of urgent stories that need to be told. But we do more than that.

We humanize global issues through rigorous work at the intersection of social science, journalism, and the visual arts.

We are committed to the highest standards of storytelling quality and ethics. Our work has been published by the most important media around the world. But rather than talk about our work, we like our work to speak for itself. We invite you to see our past projects, and how our stories have been featured in the press.

We love what we do.

Our work relies on the generosity of strangers: Hundreds of people from every walk of life, in every corner of the world, who open up to us. Above anything else, we’re a grateful bunch.

  • We do work that we believe in.
  • We work with people that we respect.
  • We are interested in quality, not quantity.
  • We are devoted to our partners and clients.
  • We believe in the power of a great story.

Our Leadership Team

DAWNING is a team devoted to its craft. For each project, we tap on our international network of educators, designers, journalists, social scientists, photographers, filmmakers, artists, and global development issue experts.

Raul Roman

Founder | Executive Director
"I love what we do. And that’s important because we’re often on the brink of failure, and believing in what you do is what allows you to push through." -Raul Roman

Joey Rosa

Creative Director
"Our work is to capture untold stories and present them to the world in an authentic way." -Joey Rosa

Nick Parisse

Director of Photography
"When I'm exploring and investigating with DAWNING is when I feel the most alive." -Nick Parisse

Rafe H Andrews

Curator | Assistant Director
"Our goal is to engage viscerally with the issues of our time, and to share the experience widely." -Rafe H Andrews

Our Board of Advisors

DAWNING’s network is made up extraordinary professionals and thought leaders across various industries and all parts of the world.

Jackie Plaza

Board Member

Paco Panchon

Board Member

Jake Heyka

Board Member

Brian Wilhemi

Board Member
Team portraits handcrafted by artist Francisco Vellarino | Pencil and watercolor on paper