A Passion for Quality.

Our key values are humility, integrity, and respect.
We're committed to the highest standards in the pursuit of excellence.


We create world-class knowledge products that humanize complex global issues and feel like art. Our work is crafted by multidisciplinary, close-knit teams of diverse professionals committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in storytelling.



Social Science with a Soul

Mixing the power of social science research methods, investigative journalism narrative techniques, and the visual arts, we bring you high quality evidence from the front lines. We mostly focus on social and environmental challenges across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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    Through a rigorous process of preparation and execution, we combine different data collection techniques, using multimedia tools, to pursue the truth about any social or environmental topic we cover.

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    We design our  multidisciplinary teams to respond to the different needs of each project. We have the research acumen, political dexterity and logistical know-how to do complex work across the globe.

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    Our work provides insights directly from the protagonists of the issues we cover. We make complex issues accessible in a way that influences policy-making and shapes public opinion.

Leadership Development

Our award-winning leadership development program is an expertly curated challenge for a group of up to 15 people to complete a multimedia research project from scratch. The program is custom-tailored to meet your needs, enhancing every aspect of high-performance leadership while contributing to your brand purpose.

  • Your Place

    Our projects mostly happen in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, but we’ve also worked in North America and Europe. It’s your choice.

  • Your Focus

    We focus on social and environmental issues of global importance that matter to you.

  • Your People

    We work with companies and nonprofits. Some companies bring employees, others bring their clients, investors or donors, and some bring a mix. We work around your strategic needs.

  • Your Time

    We work all year-round. Our typical project is 9 days long. In some cases, we do 5-day projects.

  • Your Talent

    We build teams. We don’t teach leadership skills –we require you to use them all for a higher purpose, under pressure, and far away from your comfort zone.

  • Your Impact

    We know this is important to you. So we devote to it the whole section below.

Impact inside

The craft of collaborative storytelling enhances every aspect of leadership development. It’s about increased self-awareness –understanding one’s own strengths and limitations. It’s about building team and learning to work with each other. It’s about creativity, problem-solving, and resilience. It’s also about authenticity and empathy. More than anything, collaborative storytelling builds your sense of humility. Check our sample project to see how it works.

Impact outside

We work with organizations that care about their impact in the world. DAWNING projects are expertly curated by a world-class team of professionals committed to the highest standards of storytelling quality and ethics. The results of our work yield content that has consistently been published by the media and is also exhibit-ready. This has a positive impact in the world –and it also nurtures our clients in unique and meaningful ways. We invite you to visit our past projects, and contact us to discuss how your work with us can benefit your people and the world.

This is undoubtedly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.
Adam Walker
Senior Business Manager, Newton Europe
DAWNING transformed the way I see the world. I did things I never thought I could do, and it helped me realize my own potential.
Phil Penta
Owner and Manager, Three Guys from Brooklyn
This truly stands out as a simply amazing program. Fantastic design, coordination and delivery.
TJ Awards Jury
December 2018
Unlike any program I have ever come across, DAWNING takes people out of their comfort zone and enables them to grow in terms of their emotional intelligence, purpose, and capacity to deal with the unknown. The shared experience creates a strong team who will always have each other’s backs.
Diane Law
Director of People Development, Newton Europe